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At 6:53 6 years ago
I don't call that fucking. It's just a nazigay twerking on a whale
Mr. WTF 5 years ago
What the fuck is HE wearing?!!!? Is that a romper???? Oh no!!
Can you say, someone is CONfused to the MF!!!
Die 6 years ago
Fucking nazi wish you would die
LOL 3 years ago
this lil fake "gangsta" wanna be acting as hard as he can with thoses dogshit tattoos fucking a whale in a romper LOL
Anon 3 years ago
This dude is gay af
what 6 years ago
kind of drug do they take ?
What 6 years ago
Dude said "affirmative action." What?
lol 6 years ago
fucking nazi get cancer
lolz 3 years ago
this dogshit gay prison tattoos say alot while hes wearing a romper LOL, He treating her just like the black boiz did to him in prison hahaha
3 years ago
this guy is a pig